Two cousins riding for a cause: relief for those with Crohn's Disease. The trip will take us from Gardiner, MT to Bellingham, WA. Follow us on our journey.

Behind the scenes

Jack and I were talking a couple of years ago and we decided on a short bucket list of Jack Nick 4things that had to be done in order for our lives to be complete. Well, first we decided we were going to pack across the Thoroughfare in Yellowstone. The Thoroughfare is an area of Yellowstone known as being the furthest you can be from a highway in America, approximately 45 miles on either side. The other idea was to kayak from Gardiner, Mt to the Gulf of Mexico. After a little research we learned that this takes 120 days and with our lack of whitewater skills, we decided against it.

Okay, the point is, we came to our senses and have decided what we are finally going to do: Ride from Gardiner, Mt across the Northwest to Bellingham, WA...On horseback.

The route is getting finalized, the venues are being chosen, and the goal is this: Jack and I want to raise $100,000.00 for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America. We are excited to do this because of the incredible opportunity to meet people, experience the Northwest on horseback, and play live music, but we are most excited about doing something to aid those with Crohn's disease.